Best bookshops in Rome

Rome is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities that combine a great history, culture and modern touch. It is considered eternal city for a reason. A destination of millions of tourists visiting each year. Every city has its soul that reflects the history, contemporary culture, customs and its inhabitants.



R ome gives to its visitors a very wide range of attractions: historical monuments, parks, small beautiful streets to wander around, restaurants, art galleries and all other things you could imagine. There are a lot of wonderful small bookshops. However, not many of them offer books written in English or any other language than Italian. Here’s the list of bookstore you should visit while in Rome.


Open Door Bookshop

Beautiful and small bookshop located in the heart of Trastevere. The bookshop was opened in 1976 by an American who traveled to Rome from the United States in hopes to fulfill his dreams of being a pianist. The name of the place reflects the attitude and hospitality of the owners and the stuff. It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with this charming shop once you pass the open doors. Lavinia, Paola and others working in the shop are very open and welcoming, making it a place where you just want to be and rifle through the books. The Open Door Bookshop sells only used books, and prices although are very reasonable obviously vary depending on the edition. Besides contemporary books, you can find there some rare, signed and very old books.

Address: Via della Lungaretta 23, 00153 Rome

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Almost Corner Bookshop

Another charming place in Trastevere where you can spend hours wandering around the bookshelves. It was opened 23 years ago on the corner of the building. However, 13 years ago they had to move, and therefore Eduardo (the owner) had to change the name from “Corner Bookshop” to “Almost Corner Bookshop.” This lovely store also became a meeting place for book lovers. Eduardo Schina together with Dermot and Anita organize meetings with authors and discussions. Once a year, on Christmas they also hold a bookshop party over there. Here you can find all new books in English.

Address: Via Del Moro 45, 00153 Roma

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Libreria Antiquaria Ex Libris

If you’re looking for more antique books this amazing bookshop is definitely a good place to start. When you enter the store you can feel the atmosphere right a way.  There is a huge variety of books, languages, and topics that are available. If you want to make sure whether the book you’re looking for is available just go to their website. They do catalog all the volumes on their bookshelves.

Address: Via dell’Umiltà 77/a, 00187 Rome

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Librerie Feltrinelli

If you’re looking for more conventional bookstore here’s the chain bookshops in Italy with several locations in Rome. There is a choice of books in English as well as in Spanish and French. Most of the books available are the genre fiction in general. However, you can pick some classics or non-fiction as well.

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