I believe, at some point in life, all of us have been looking for the thing that we are most passionate. I am not an exception. Although it took me some time (roughly 20 years you may say) to figure out what it is, in life, that I am actually and forcefully committed to, not only emotionally but also intellectually, I find myself in a very privileged position. Why? Well, first of all, I found what it is, that gives me a drive in life, and secondly, I have both capabilities and possibilities to make it real. Having said that, I want you to know that this blog is not about teaching or proving some particular point of view. It is about sharing what I believe is most exciting, courageous, challenging, sometimes sad and sometimes very cheerful way of experiencing and confronting stories of our life’s, of the past and the future. It is still incomprehensible to me how literature does survive while in contemporary times we are continuously bombarded with all the visual effects, sounds, music that all together combined makes exceptional emotional stimulus. And still, there is something that only literature can give you – imagination. A craft of art that by setting the words in right order and form offers exceptional opportunity to begin the infinite and transcendent voyage through emotions and states you’d never expect to encounter. Every time a book (or an author, as you prefer) forces me to struggle with my judgments and emotions or on one page makes me happily laugh and on the other grievously cry. Makes me hold to what is right and wrong, doubt in all I’d believed was righteousness. Well, this is what I’d consider a piece of art. Just with words, sentences and a story someone can render the most inner feelings, doubts, fears, and hopes of humankind. One can say that movies or other arts can achieve the same. Of course, they can, and there is no doubt about it. However one will need those words, sentences to describe them.

By starting this blog what I hope for, is to share my passion for literature, and to inspire some of you, or to introduce some fantastic pieces of art to you.