Review Policy

As I do respect and admire your work please be so kind and respect my time and work as well by taking your time to read my review policy.



  • Open to review requests.
  • Open to blog tours but only those that really interest me.
  • All the review requests should be submitted by email.
  • Before sending a request, please read below review policy.
  • Before you request a review, please take your time to read my previous reviews and see if I am really the right person you should be writing to.
  • The Lost in Books does not publish advertisements.
  • Do not accept any interviews that are not exclusive or any promotional materials.
  • Do not post any reviews of books I’ve not read.


What genre is accepted

  • ONLY literary fiction is reviewed on The Lost in Books:
    • novels
    • short stories
  • Exceptions are made exclusively for biography & memoirs & poetry
  • Non-fiction books might be accepted as long as their topic is of my interest.


Forms of publishing

  • Review – always honest and not influenced by author or publisher.
  • Interview – always interested with authors of books that I do esteem, however, those have to b exclusive interviews. No reprints are accepted.
  • Essay/articles on particular topics.
  • Giveaway – only when interested in a book.



Your review request should include

  • Title & author full name and surname
  • Some information on the author
  • Publisher
  • Reales date
  • Link/s to previous reviews (if applicable)
  • Link/s to author’s interview (if applicable)
  • Excerpt

Forms accepted

  • ONLY hard copies are accepted
  • NO ebooks, audiobooks are accepted

I’m an old fashion reader.


The process 

  • Once I do accept I will publish the review regardless of its outcome.*
  • I will inform you when I receive the book.
  • The review will take its time as I always have a pile of books waiting or review.
  • Accepting your request & confirming recipient of the book does not give any time frames for publishing the review.
  • I will inform you beforehand of the publishing date.
  • The review and links to it or summaries will be published:


How to send the request

Quite simple. Just go to contact page and send me an email.


By sending the request, you agree/accept:

  • all of the policy published on this site,
  • my right to freely publish the honest review on The Lost in Books blog as well as on all other social media of The Lost in Books,
  • to provide a hardcopy of the book on your own expense (shipment Europe),
  • (*) my right to NOT post a review of your book should I not feel comfortable doing so.